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Charity Program

2014 Chicago Marathon - Finish Line Race Day-1055

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon hosts thousands of runners who choose to make their Chicago Marathon experience more meaningful by running on behalf of a charity. These runners begin the training season with goals for personal bests in their marathon time as well as in fundraising dollars. With every step you take and every dollar you raise, you can help organizations doing important work in our communities, and touch the lives of those in need. In 2014, over 10,000 charity runners participated in the Chicago Marathon on behalf of more than 190 local, national and global causes.

If you are an organization interested in learning more about the Bank of America Chicago Marathon Charity Program, please click here.


2014 Partner Charities

14_CM_Charity Logos__0180_Advocate

14_CM_Charity Logos__0167_American red cross



2014 Associate Charities

14_CM_Charity Logos__0174_American cancer society 14_CM_Charity Logos__0019_The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team World Vision

14_CM_Charity Logos__0179_AIDS foundation of chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0176_alzheimer's association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0175_American Brain Tumor association
14_CM_Charity Logos__0165_Lurie Children's hospital 14_CM_Charity Logos__0162_Autism Speaks 14_CM_Charity Logos__0161_Back on my feet
14_CM_Charity Logos__0152_Bright pink 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_CellMates 14_CM_Charity Logos__0122_Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Girls-on-the-Run 14_CM_Charity Logos__0098_Imerman Angels 14_CM_Charity Logos__0083_LIVESTRONG Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0073_Mercy Home for Boys & Girls 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Team-Fox 14_CM_Charity Logos__0068_MMRF
14_CM_Charity Logos__0067_Muscular Dystrophy Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0058_Old St. Patrick's Church 14_CM_Charity Logos__0133_Children's Oncology
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_PCRF 14_CM_Charity-Logos_PAWS 14_CM_Charity Logos__0033_SCC-Special Olympics Chicago
14_CM_Charity Logos__0029_Spinal Cord Injury Sucks 14_CM_Charity Logos__0177_ALSAC St. Judes 14_CM_Charity Logos__0026_Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Inc

14_CM_Charity Logos__0182_Action for healthy kids 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_ALS-Association-of-Greater-Chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0173_American diabetes association
14_CM_Charity Logos__0170_American heart association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0160_Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0156_Big shoulders fund
14_CM_Charity Logos__0127_Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS) Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0139_Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women's Network 14_CM_Charity Logos__0136_Chicago run
14_CM_Charity Logos__0132_Children's Tumor Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0131_Christopher Reeve Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0121_Danny Did Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0120_Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0117_Endure to Cure Pediatric Cancer Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0102_Have Dreams
14_CM_Charity Logos__0101_Holiday Heroes 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Illinois-Spina-Bifida-Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0093_Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund
14_CM_Charity Logos__0092_JDRF Illinois 14_CM_Charity Logos__0091_Jewish United Fund 14_CM_Charity Logos__0085_Les Turner ALS Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0078_Make-A-Wish Illinois 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Misericordia-Home 14_CM_Charity Logos__0064_National Multiple Sclerosis Society
14_CM_Charity Logos__0059_Oasis for Orphans 14_CM_Charity Logos__0056_Open Heart Magic 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_OE
14_CM_Charity Logos__0054_Organization for Autism Research 14_CM_Charity Logos__0052_Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Pat-Tillman-Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0048_Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Respiratory-Health-Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0037_RISE International
14_CM_Charity Logos__0025_Team Salute 14_CM_Charity Logos__0011_United Way of Metropolitan Chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0009_University of Iowa Dance Marathon
14_CM_Charity Logos__0008_UPS for DownS

2014 Affiliate Charities

14_CM_Charity Logos__0013_Twelve Oaks Foundation 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_A-Kids-Brain-Tumor-Cure 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_A-Special-Wish
14_CM_Charity Logos__0184_Access Living 14_CM_Charity Logos__0183_Achilles 14_CM_Charity Logos__0181_Adoption link
14_CM_Charity Logos__0178_Alexs lemonade stand 14_CM_Charity Logos__0172_American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 14_CM_Charity Logos__0171_American greyhound
14_CM_Charity Logos__0169_American institute for cancer research 14_CM_Charity Logos__0168_American liver foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0166_AmeriCares
14_CM_Charity Logos__0022_The Anti-Cruelty Society 14_CM_Charity Logos__0164_Apna ghar 14_CM_Charity Logos__0163_Asha for education
14_CM_Charity Logos__0159_Best buddies 14_CM_Charity Logos__0158_Better Government Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0157_Big brothers big sisters
14_CM_Charity Logos__0155_Bodhi 14_CM_Charity Logos__0154_Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0153_Boomer Esiason Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0151_Build 14_CM_Charity Logos__0150_Cal's All-Star Angel Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0149_Camp sunshine
14_CM_Charity Logos__0145_CARA 14_CM_Charity Logos__0148_Casa de los Angeles 14_CM_Charity Logos__0147_Center for Independent Futures
14_CM_Charity Logos__0146_Center of concern 14_CM_Charity Logos__0143_Chicago fair trade 14_CM_Charity Logos__0142_Chicago fire foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0141_Chicago HOPES for Kids 14_CM_Charity Logos__0140_Chicago lights 14_CM_Charity Logos__0138_Chicago Police Memorial Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0137_Chicago rowing foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0135_Chicago Women's Health Center 14_CM_Charity Logos__0134_Chicago Youth Centers
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Children-at-a-Crossroads 14_CM_Charity Logos__0130_Common Threads 14_CM_Charity Logos__0129_Concordia University
14_CM_Charity Logos__0128_Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0126_Cornerstone Community Outreach 14_CM_Charity Logos__0125_Court Appointed Special Advocates of Cook County
14_CM_Charity Logos__0124_Crohn's _ Colitis Foundation of America 14_CM_Charity Logos__0021_The Cure It Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0123_CureSearch For Children's Cancer
14_CM_Charity Logos__0020_The Dawn Brancheau Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0119_Dreams for Kids 14_CM_Charity Logos__0118_Easter Seals UCP
14_CM_Charity Logos__0116_Equine Dreams 14_CM_Charity Logos__0115_Erika's Lighthouse_ A Beacon of Hope For Adolescent Depression 14_CM_Charity Logos__0114_Esperanza Health Centers
14_CM_Charity Logos__0113_Family Empowerment Centers 14_CM_Charity-Logos 14_CM_Charity Logos__0111_Gilda's Club Chicago
14_CM_Charity Logos__0110_Girls in the Game 14_CM_Charity Logos__0107_Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0108_Golden Apple Foundation
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Goldies-Place 14_CM_Charity Logos__0106_Greater Chicago Food Depository 14_CM_Charity Logos__0105_Greek America Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0104_GRIP Outreach For Youth 14_CM_Charity Logos__0103_Harley Helping Hands 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Homes-for-our-troops
14_CM_Charity Logos__0100_Human Rights Campaign Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0097_Infant Welfare Society of Chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0096_Inheritance of Hope
14_CM_Charity Logos__0095_International Medical Corps 14_CM_Charity Logos__0094_International Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia Foundation Inc 14_CM_Charity Logos__0090_Joslin Diabetes Center
14_CM_Charity Logos__0089_La Casa Norte 14_CM_Charity Logos__0088_Latinos Progresando 14_CM_Charity Logos__0087_Launch U
14_CM_Charity Logos__0086_Lawrence Hall Youth Services 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Lincoln-Park-Zoo 14_CM_Charity Logos__0084_Little Things for Cancer
14_CM_Charity Logos__0082_Loyola University Health System 14_CM_Charity Logos__0081_LUNGevity 14_CM_Charity Logos__0080_Lupus Foundation of America, Illinois Chapter
14_CM_Charity Logos__0079_Lydia Home Association 14_CM_Charity Logos__0077_Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0076_Marklund
14_CM_Charity Logos__0075_Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue 14_CM_Charity Logos__0074_Medals4Mettle 14_CM_Charity Logos__0072_MGR Youth Empowerment
14_CM_Charity Logos__0069_Mission of Our Lady of the Angels 14_CM_Charity Logos__0066_Museum of Science and Industry 14_CM_Charity Logos__0065_National Hospice Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0063_National Psoriasis Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0062_New York Road Runners 14_CM_Charity Logos__0061_Non-Profit Chiropractic Organization (NPCO)
14_CM_Charity Logos__0060_NPH USA 14_CM_Charity Logos__0057_One Tail at a Time NFP 14_CM_Charity Logos__0051_Pav YMCA
14_CM_Charity Logos__0049_Phil's Friends 14_CM_Charity Logos__0047_PKD Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0046_Playworks
14_CM_Charity Logos__0044_Prayers From Maria Children's Glioma Cancer Foundation 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Project-Purple 14_CM_Charity Logos__0043_Pulmonary Health Association
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_React 14_CM_Charity Logos__0042_Recovery On Water RED
14_CM_Charity Logos__0041_Refuge for Women 14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Research-Down-Syndrome 14_CM_Charity Logos__0038_Restoration Ministries, Inc
14_CM_Charity Logos__0035_Royal Family KIDS, Inc 14_CM_Charity Logos__0018_The Salvation Army 14_CM_Charity Logos__0034_Save the Children
14_CM_Charity-Logos__0000_Sergeant-Sullivan-Center 14_CM_Charity Logos__0017_The Service Club of Chicago 14_CM_Charity Logos__0032_Shriners Hospitals for Children - Chicago
14_CM_Charity Logos__0031_SmileTrain 14_CM_Charity Logos__0030_Spinal Cord Injury Association of Illinois 14_CM_Charity Logos__0027_Susan F. Lasky Cancer Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0015_Tree House Humane Society 14_CM_Charity Logos__0014_Triple Threat Mentoring 14_CM_Charity Logos__0012_United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
14_CM_Charity Logos__0010_Uniting Against Lung Cancer 14_CM_Charity Logos__0007_Urban Initiatives 14_CM_Charity Logos__0006_VanderCook College of Music
14_CM_Charity Logos__0024_Team Sweetness 14_CM_Charity Logos__0016_The Wayne Foundation 14_CM_Charity Logos__0005_Where There's a Will There's A Cure
 14_CM_Charity Logos__0003_Worldwide Orphanage Relief Coalition 14_CM_Charity Logos__0002_Wounded Warrior Project 14_CM_Charity Logos__0001_Wright Way Rescue
14_CM_Charity Logos__0000_ZERO - The End of Prostate Cancer
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