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Volunteer FAQs

To help make this year’s race a successful and positive experience for everyone, we expect all volunteers to abide by the volunteer policies.


What is the age requirement for volunteers?
We require that all volunteers be 16 years of age or older on the day they are volunteering. A parent/guardian must agree to the volunteer waiver for volunteers between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age. Children and young adults under the age of 16 are not permitted to accompany registered volunteers who meet the age requirement when they are volunteering at the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo or on race day.

Are walk-up registrations accepted?
No, walk-up registrations are not accepted. All volunteers must register online by Monday, October 1, 11:59 p.m., or they will not be allowed to volunteer for the event.

What should I wear?
Volunteers are expected to dress in clothing appropriate for the work duties they have been assigned to perform. Always make sure to check the weather in advance! Wear closed toe shoes at all times and the current event attire logo hat, shirt or jacket, or shoes, if provided. When required, you must have visible appropriate and current event issued credentials and/or ID vests and wristbands to be on the premises.

What is the volunteer uniform?
All volunteers receive their uniform at volunteer check-in. Abbott Health & Fitness Expo volunteers receive a Nike long sleeve t-shirt and credential. Race day volunteers receive a Nike track jacket, hat and credential. The volunteer uniform should be worn as the outer layer and the volunteer credential should be visible at all times.

What should I bring?
Make sure to bring a valid photo ID for Volunteer Check-In. Students are allowed to use school IDs. It is strongly discouraged to bring any personal belongings to the event. Gear check will be required for belongings that cannot be carried in a volunteer’s pockets.

Is food provided?
Snacks and meals are provided depending upon the time of day and duration of the volunteer shift. While we try to provide a range of food items, we cannot guarantee that meals will accommodate all dietary restrictions.

Transportation/ Parking
We encourage volunteers to use public transportation when possible. Please visit for more information and to plan your trip. Recommended transportation options and parking options (when available) will be provided in the confirmation email.


How do I register as a volunteer?
Access registration from a volunteer webpage or a link provided by your group leader. Opportunities are posted at Please note you cannot register for a volunteer position by logging into your account.

How do I access my volunteer account?
To access your account, visit or, and enter your email and password.

Do I need to create a new account?
If you have volunteered since 2012, you are considered an existing user. Existing users can sign in at If you are a new user, you will need to create an account in order to register.

Can I register for another volunteer?
Volunteers cannot register on behalf of another individual.  Each volunteer will need to ‘sign in’ to their existing account OR ‘create a new account’ in order to register.  Only one account can be created per email address.

How do I know if I am registered?
Upon registering, you will see the volunteer role in your “my jobs” tab and receive a confirmation email.

If you receive an email encouraging you to complete your volunteer registration, your registration is incomplete. Please login to your account and follow the steps to submit your registration.

What information can I access through my volunteer account?

  • View details about your upcoming volunteer shifts and find contact information for your group leader
  • Receive messages from your group leader or captains
  • Cancel your registration by clicking on the cancel icon

How do I access my service hours verification form?
Log into your account post-race and visit your “Past Jobs” in your “My Job” tab to download your Certificate of Appreciation and Service Hours Form, verifying your participation in the event!

Group leaders

For information on how to register as a volunteer group, please refer to the group leader application. Registered group leaders have extended permissions in their volunteer account in order to view and communicate with their volunteers.

How do I get my volunteers to register?
Email the unique registration link in the assignment email you received from the Volunteer Team. If you cannot find it, email for assistance.

How do I communicate with my volunteers? 
Visit the “Communications” section of your account to send messages to all of your registered volunteers or a specific group if you oversee multiple groups or positions. Merge position and volunteer specific information into the message using the “mail merge” drop down, or compose your own. Before you send the message out to your volunteers, click the blue “Preview” button or click “Send Me a Test Email” to review the message. Make sure your final list of recipients is correct, click send, and then your message will appear in the volunteers “Messages” tab of their account once they receive it.

How do I keep track of my group?
Visit the “My Team” tab for up-to-date group registration status. Use the search bars to find a specific volunteer, group or position if you oversee multiple groups or positions. To cancel a volunteer, click the individual’s name so their account opens, then click on “Cancel this job for volunteer”. Only cancel volunteers if you are sure they are unable to attend.

I don’t think we will fill our shift. What should I do?
While group leaders are expected to recruit the number of volunteers they committed to bring, groups can still volunteer if they do not fill their shift. Notify the Volunteer Team at so they can plan accordingly.

How do I download a list of my volunteers?
To download, scroll to the bottom of your “My Team” tab to export a report where you can see your volunteers full registration details or a check-in sheet for a simple list of volunteers. Group leaders are advised to bring a printed list of their volunteers on event day.

When will my group receive more specific instructions?

  • The  Volunteer Team and/or your Aid Station Captain will communicate final information, including check-in location, parking and transportation options, preparation tips and more. All volunteer training takes place onsite.
  • Group leaders are encouraged to follow up with their volunteers after receiving the official email to reiterate final details and share any instructions specific to your group.


Stay tuned! All registered volunteers will receive a race week confirmation email with location, check-in and preparation details.

If you have any questions please contact your group leader or the volunteer team at or by phone at 312.992.6623.

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