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Remaining healthy throughout your training for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon is the key to crossing the finish line on race day. Here are some tips from supporting sponsor, Athletico Physical Therapy.


8 Exercises to help IT band pain
If you are experiencing IT band pain start with RICE—rest, ice, compression and elevation. After the pain calms down it is important to restore proper bio-mechanics with strengthening and stretching. Here are a few exercises that may support your recovery from IT band pain. Read more about IT band pain.

How physical therapy can get you stronger for your next marathon
During training and on race day, physical limitations are pushed to the brink via muscular and respiratory fatigue. Mental willpower is tested as oftentimes you keep going when everything else in your body is telling you to “stop.” Preparation is paramount for success in running a marathon, and though choosing a correct endurance plan and running group is important, there are other components that will help you run your next 26.2-mile journey with even greater success. Read more about strength through physical therapy.

The dreaded side stitch
Exercise-related transient abdominal pain, or “side stitch” pain, affects nearly 70% of runners in a given year. The side stitch can be detrimental to performance and may compromise sports participation. Few things can halt the endorphins flowing through your body faster than a sharp, localized pain along the border of your rib cage. So, just what causes this to occur? Read more about the side stitch.

Expert running tips: Exercises from Athletico’s Endurance Team
Whether you are training for a 5k or a marathon, it is common for runners to experience soreness and/or tightness during training. To help with this, we reached out to our endurance team to ask about their top exercises for runners. Read more about expert running tips.

How to avoid burnout during marathon training
We’ve all been there before. The dread of the alarm going off at 4 a.m. Checking the weather multiple times only to see the heat index is still indeed in the 90s. Burnout. It’s a thing. Keep reading for tips on how to continue to love running, and keep your body and mind both strong and healthy, while still clocking all those miles. Read more about how to avoid burnout.

Minimizing the risk of running injuries with strength training
It is important to strength train while training for your next run – whether it’s a 5k or 26.2 miles. This does not by any means mean that you have to bulk up. You just need to make sure you are working the muscles that support you during your run to make you more efficient and less prone to injury. Read more about minimizing running injury with strength training.

If you experience any aches or pains or something that doesn’t feel quite right as you train, let us take the first look. Start with a free assessment and let our team fully evaluate your condition so we can recommend the best treatment option for you. There’s no cost or obligation. We just want you to start feeling better so you can cross the finish line on race day.  Click here to request your free assessment.

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