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What should I do if?

Sometimes unexpected situations arise when working with volunteers, and the appropriate course of action is not always clear. Please review the following questions and answers to learn the approach recommended by the Bank of America Chicago Marathon and Chicago Event Management (CEM).

Inappropriate behavior

What should I do if I suspect another volunteer of inappropriate behavior such as stealing?
If this is the first incident, do not take immediate action, but keep a close eye on the volunteer. If a fellow Key Volunteer is working nearby, ask him or her to keep an eye on the person as well. If suspicious behavior continues, alert your Captain/CEM staff person in charge. We do not want you to feel responsible for confronting the volunteer yourself, especially if you are not certain that inappropriate conduct has occurred.

What should I do if I actually witness another volunteer engaging in inappropriate behavior such as drinking or stealing?
Immediately alert your Captain/CEM staff person in charge. If your leader is not available, contact event security in your area. Again, we do not want you to feel that it is your responsibility to confront a volunteer or administer any disciplinary action.


What should I do if a volunteer is not following my instructions or respecting my authority?
Be kind and respectful to the volunteer. Keep in mind to always ask for his or her help rather than to demand it. Emphasize teamwork and if needed, gather a small group of volunteers to speak to about their assigned tasks rather than singling out a specific person. If the volunteer still does not follow your lead, then make the Captain/CEM staff person in charge aware of the situation.

What should I do if a volunteer is not treating other volunteers with respect?
Always try a non-confrontational approach. Try to remedy the situation without being accusatory. Emphasize teamwork. If actions continue, consider asking the volunteer to help in another area where he or she might work alone. If the problem persists, ask the Captain/CEM staff person in charge for assistance. Sometimes station reassignment is an easy fix for challenging individuals.

Volunteer or supply needs

What should I do if my area does not have enough volunteers or has too many volunteers?
Contact your Captain immediately and let him or her know about the situation. That staff person can coordinate to get you additional volunteers or re-assign the extra volunteers in your area. Too many volunteers in one area will cause them to feel bored or less valuable and not enough volunteers will hamper event operations.

What should I do if I do not have the necessary supplies needed for my area or if I have too many supplies for my area?
Event Staff will work with you beforehand to ensure that your area is fully stocked with the supplies you will need. If you are missing something critical to your job during the event, or if you anticipate new supply needs, please contact your Captain as soon as possible.

Medical emergency and media

What should I do if I encounter a medical emergency with a fellow volunteer, participant or spectator?
Call the Medical Emergency number on the back of your credential. If you have a radio, also call over the radio for medical assistance. Please note your exact location, using street pole identification numbers if applicable, in both of these situations.

What should I do if I am approached by a member of the media to comment on the event?
Relay to the media “I am a volunteer and am unauthorized to speak on behalf of the event”. From there please refer the person to the media contact phone number on the back of your credential or to your CEM staff person. It is not your responsibility to speak on behalf of the event.

Lost child/person instructions

What if I find a lost child/person or am approached by a parent/guardian of a lost child/person?
Keep the child/person or parent/guardian with you. Spend a reasonable amount of time (approximately 2 minutes) checking the surroundings to see if a connection can be made. If on course turn the child/person over to a nearby Police Officer. If in Grant Park or at the Expo walk the child/person or parent/guardian to the nearest information tent/booth. Once at the information tent/booth, the area coordinator will place a call to Grant Park logistics or the Expo show office. Keep the child/person or parent/guardian with you and inform them appropriate personnel have been notified. Do not communicate information or details about the child/person over a radio or PA system without permission from Grant Park logistics or the Expo Show office.

Security measures

There will be enhanced security and bag screening upon entering the Abbott Health & Fitness Expo, Grant Park and Course prior to accessing the Expo Volunteer Check-In, Harrison Volunteer Compound and Course locations; please allot extra time to access these locations on the day you are volunteering.

What should I do if I see an unattended bag?
Inquire with the people in your area to identify the bag’s proper owner. If the owner is unclear or unknown and the bag/item appears suspicious, contact your area Captain or CEM staff member for further instructions.

What should I do if an unregistered person wants to volunteer?
All event volunteers must be registered online prior to the communicated deadline of October 3, 2016. If a volunteer arrives on site and has not registered in advance, that person will not be permitted to volunteer. No walk ups or race day volunteers will be assigned to the event.

What should I do if a volunteer refuses to gear check personal items before volunteering?
During volunteer registration, volunteers consented to gear check all personal items that cannot easily fit in one’s pockets. While we have discouraged all volunteers from bringing bags or large items, if someone brings a bag, that person will be required to gear check the bag during the volunteer check-in process. Unless assigned by the event, all volunteer bags must be checked in at the volunteer gear check. If a volunteer does not follow this process, that person will not be permitted to volunteer.

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