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Volunteer group donations

32 Aid Station 01Thank you for bringing a volunteer group to the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon! We understand the time and effort involved in coordinating a group of volunteers, so we would like to recognize your group’s effort with a modest donation. Please review the following information, fill out and return the necessary paperwork below if you would like your group to be considered for a donation. Paperwork must be submitted no later than Friday, October 28, 2016.

Group donations

Group Leaders who registered their non-profit group, club or organization with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to volunteer on October 9, 2016 and checked in a group of 25 or more volunteers may request a donation. The donation amount is based on the number of volunteers in attendance, the duration of the job assignment and the quality of work. All required paperwork must be completed to receive a donation.

Please note that Abbott Health & Fitness Expo volunteer groups do not qualify to receive a donation.

Donation paperwork

The following paperwork must be submitted by Friday, October 28, 2016.

Completed donation paperwork

Completed donation paperwork should be returned to Chicago Event Management, Attn: Nicole Lockwood


Fax: 312.904.9820

Or mail:
135 S. LaSalle St.
Suite 1160
Chicago, IL 60603

We appreciate your commitment to the Marathon and look forward working with you in the future. Thank you for your support!

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