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Group Leader Guidelines

Volunteers - Packets GroupGroup Leaders are vital members of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon team as ambassadors of our organization to participants, the community, and the running industry at large. We hope you share our goal as an event to ensure our participants and volunteers have a positive, fun and inspiring experience. In order to help achieve this goal, we ask that you abide by the following guidelines and share any applicable information with your team.

Before Race Day

  • Minimum Volunteer Age – We require that all volunteers be 16 years of age or older on the day of the event.
  • Volunteer Registration – Online registration is a simple process involving a unique registration link(s) for your volunteers. All volunteers are required to register online by Monday, October 7. Group Leaders will have access to their volunteers’ registration information. Groups must provide a Group Co-Leader who must also register online. To learn more about using the online registration system visit the Volunteer and Group Leader registration tutorials.
  • Volunteer Guidelines – To help make this year’s race a memorable experience for everyone we ask that all volunteers are aware of the event’s Volunteer Guidelines. Please share these guidelines with your volunteers.
  • Volunteer Communication – It is your responsibility to make sure your volunteers are aware of all the specific information regarding your group’s volunteer job. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon Volunteer Team will work with you to make sure you are provided all necessary details.
  • Fulfilling Your Group’s Recruiting Commitment – Group Leaders and the Chicago Marathon Volunteer Team will work together to make sure that registration and recruitment are going smoothly. We ask that you provide regular updates on the status of your volunteer recruitment. If you are unable to recruit the agreed upon number of volunteers, please notify the Chicago Marathon Volunteer Team as soon as possible so that more volunteers can be recruited and assigned. Sufficient staffing is very important to the success of the event, so please keep us up to date on your recruitment and registration efforts.
  • Volunteer Groups with Minors – One adult chaperone is required for every 10 volunteers between the ages of 16 to 18 in order to ensure sufficient supervision and behavioral management. Chaperones will need to take an active role in monitoring and, as needed, correcting the behavior of their students. Chaperones must, without exception, be 21 years of age or older and will register online with their group.

Race Day

  • Allot Extra Time – There will be enhanced security and bag screening throughout the Event; please allot extra time to access the Expo, park and course on the day you are volunteering.
  • Volunteer Check-In – It is your responsibility to assist with check-in of all your volunteers. The Bank of America Chicago Marathon Volunteer Team will provide more details about this process.
  • Volunteer Uniforms – All volunteers will receive a complimentary uniform and credential to be worn during the event. Volunteers are required to wear their uniform to identify them as a volunteer of the event. Volunteer groups are not allowed to wear apparel promoting their group or any other organization.
  • Job Reassignment/Group Division – Volunteer groups may be divided and/or reassigned to a different volunteer job(s) as needed. However, volunteers will not be placed in a job where the demands exceed their capabilities. Be aware there is always the potential that your group may be divided and reassigned.
  • Accompanying Children – We do not permit children and young adults, under the age of 16, to accompany registered volunteers when they are volunteering. Please communicate this to your volunteers.
  • Job Fulfillment – Volunteers are asked to stay until their volunteer assignment is complete. Volunteers that cannot commit to the full shift time are asked not to sign up to volunteer. Check-in and check-out times will be communicated to Group Leaders with assignment information.

After Race Day

  • Feedback – Feedback is essential so that we can continue to improve and grow as an event. The Chicago Marathon Volunteer Team will contact you to collect your thoughts and suggestions post-event. We look forward to hearing your post-race feedback!
  • Group Donations – All non-profit volunteer groups bringing 25 or more volunteers on race day are eligible to receive a donation from the Chicago Marathon upon receipt of necessary paperwork. Donations are based on the number of volunteers in attendance race day and the duration of their assignment. For more information and required paperwork visit our Volunteer Group Donations webpage.

Thank you for your commitment and leadership – you help us make the Bank of America Chicago Marathon one of the premier marathons in the world!

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