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Team to End AIDSTEAM TO END AIDS (T2)  – Shine More Than That Medal Ever Will.
First time or best time; T2 has a training option for you. Lead by USATF certified coaches with your goals in mind;

  • The regular training program consists of running just 30 minutes, twice a week on your own, and longer group runs on the weekend. Each weekend, you’ll train with your “pace group” – other runners who share your same level of conditioning, whether fast or slow. You’ll always train at a comfortable pace, and you’ll even have fun doing it. Our program is 100% intimidation-free.
  • The advanced training program is designed for experienced, faster runners as well as veteran marathoners who have a specific marathon time goal. The advanced program consists of tempo runs, interval training, and gradually increasing long runs. In this program, you have the choice of the run/walk method of training or straight running.
  • The distance training program is for those who want to train with T2, but may not live in a city where there is a T2 training program.  You receive a dedicated coach who will keep in contact and is available to answer any questions.  In addition, come race weekend you’ll receive the same support, cheers and VIP amenities.  And, those in the distance training program are always welcome to come to training anytime they are in town.

What You’ll Receive:
All T2 participants receive a complete training program including:

  • Free guaranteed entry into the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon
  • Weekly group runs that will prepare you to complete the marathon
  • Experienced USATF certified coaches, support and camaraderie
  • Fundraising guidance to help you raise funds for critical HIV/AIDS services
  • A technical training shirt
  • A race day jersey
  • VIP race day amenities and treatment
  • The satisfaction that comes from knowing you are a hero to people with HIV/AIDS

Fundraising Requirement
Each participant agrees to raise a minimum of $1,000 in order to guarantee their entry into the Chicago Marathon. The money raised will allow AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC) to fund prevention programs, direct medical care, food, housing and other vital services helping to improve the lives of those living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS.

Each participant will receive comprehensive fundraising support to guide you through the fundraising, as well as the support of a TEAM Manager. T2 staff is committed to your success in every aspect of the program – running and fundraising.

There is a $95 registration fee ($75 through February) to participate in the program.

JOIN today. TRAIN tomorrow. TRIUMPH forever.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office at 312.725.8232 to speak with a TEAM Manager.


By taking on the challenge to train for and complete a marathon, you will achieve something so remarkable that less than 1% of the world’s population has ever attempted such an endeavor. And by helping to raise millions of dollars, you will allow the AIDS Foundation of Chicago to continue to fund vital HIVAIDS services improving lives alive until there’s a cure! There is no doubt about it – participants of the TEAM TO END AIDS program are heroes to thousands of people living with HIV/AIDS.

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